Hello everybody I’m author Cindy A. Lewis, and I come to you with some exciting news. I’m embarking on a trip to Henan China as a facilitator for the World Academy for the future of Women, at Sias International University. My journey begins October 24 and I will be returning January 04, 2018.

I will be mentoring students from all over the world. What an opportunity to volunteer in the local community, also visit points of interest in China. I will work one on one with children at the new Henan library, meeting parents and the children of a culture I’ve yet to explore.

I will be documenting my trip through video’s, pictures and a journal as I share my experiences and learn the culture and people with all my fans.

No boundaries I call home, no limits but the sky, reflections of the past left behind and a vision only of the future. Believe in the magic of your soul, and let your spirit fly.

I’ll be waiting!